To help you in getting your photos approved and on the site quicker, please ensure that your submissions meet the guidelines below.

  • Photos must be high-quality (both in image quality and composition)
  • Photos may not contain nudity
  • Photos may not contain graphic/disturbing imagery
  • You must own the rights to the photos you upload
    • If uploading an edit of someone else’s original photo, then it needs to be marked as an edited photo, not as the original photographer when uploading.
  • No text, borders or graphics on photos
    • Text includes watermarks, time stamps, hand lettering and any text.
    • Borders include photos with a border, or partial borders of any color.
    • Graphics include watermarks, logos, clipart or any overlay that is not original to the photo.

What can I do with the photos I download?

If you have any questions regarding our submission guidelines, please email us at